Lebanese Europe


Ali Korri, General Manager bei A&K Autoteile GmbH


16 years of experience in automative and spare parts Markets: GCC and MENA


Dubai, Sharja, United Arab of Emirates

the opportunity

To have a presence in the golf market,

first step is to build an Informative website and increase awareness about the brand through social media and seo

then attract new customers/leads and optimize the pages content depending on the customers behaviours and what they are looking for..

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what we did

Complete digital presence creation from scratch 

KBC team provided the client with a complete digital presence including development of an early brand guideline.

We were then able to design the website from there after conducting our research phase.

Afterwards we jumped into developments, animations creation, SEO optimization (blogs, keywords incorporation).

‍Starting from the analysis of the current state and developing a strategy to restructuring and creating a full-fledged digital presence.

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the outcome

1. Full digital presence (website, social media) that drives traffic and new leads

2. Increase of social media followers and engagements

3. 49% increase in organic traffic in 1 month after launch 

3. Digital identity creation that can be shared with potential clients 

4. The high-quality base for digital business in Europe

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