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Digitalization Competence Centre (DCC)

Create Your Digital Modernization and Adoption Plan (DMAP) with Our Experts and Fund Your Digital Projects Through the Technology Demonstration Program (TDP)


Every day, Canadian small and medium enterprises
(SMEs) face new challenges :

new technologies
new work environments
new customers
Without a plan,
it’s easy to get overwhelmed
man working on laptop with city view
Our experts in digital transformation (DX) and strategic planning help you get funded by the DCC* to overcome your:

Lack of cash flow

Need for digital experts

Need for an actionable digital adoption plan

*DCC: Digitalization Competence Centre

our approach

01 Diverse Expertise

We offer more than just social media marketing. Our experienced team excels in various digital transformation services, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and graphic design.

02 Small Business Focus

Having started as a startup ourselves, we understand the unique challenges faced by small business owners. We prioritize meeting your needs and helping you grow.

03 Industry Experience

Our digital business design expertise spans across multiple industries. We tailor our strategies to your specific business to deliver efficient and effective results.

04 Award-Winning

We take pride in our achievements and our fast growth. Our success validates the effectiveness of the strategies we employ.

05 Personalized Attention

Unlike larger agencies that may treat you as just another client or smaller agencies that struggle to provide quality service, we prioritize your business above all else.

DCC has two program streams

to support SMEs in the adoption and implementation of digital technology.

Digital Modernization & Adoption Plan (DMAP)
Technology Demonstration Program (TDP)


Digital Modernization & Adoption Plan

DMAP supports Ontario SMEs to better understand their organization’s technology needs, guide their digital transformation decision-making, and optimize their technology investments. Through this program, SMEs work with a Digital Adoption Consultant to develop a Digital Modernization and Adoption Plan (DMAP) tailored specifically to their organization’s digital needs.


SMEs looking to understand their digital needs and adopt and implement digital technologies to grow their company.

Ontario-based for-profit SMEs with between 1-499 employees

KBC is a Certified DAC (Digital Adoption Consultant)

Eligible businesses:

Incorporated, For-Profit
1-499 Employees
Growth-Focused Culture
Seeking Ontario-Based Solutions
Ontario-Based Business

Technology Demonstration Program

The Technology Demonstration Program (TDP) supports Ontario SMEs that have completed a DMAP project to adopt and implement the digital technology identified in their DMAP, accelerating growth of the SME, while supporting the commercialization of Made-in Ontario digital technologies.


SMEs who have completed a DMAP project and are looking to adopt and implement the digital technology laid out in the DMAP

Ontario-based for-profit SMEs with between 1-499 employees

SMEs with at least $500,000 of annual revenue in one of the last three tax years

KBC is a Certified DAC (Digital Adoption Consultant)

Ineligible Small Business Types:

Multi-Level Marketing Reps
Real Estate Brokerages

The Success Formula

Successful Digital
Transformation (Dx)

Digital Transformation is a NO-BRAINER



of businesses that leverage technologies and implement a digital transformation strategy grow faster and increase their market share.



of businesses that stick to the traditional ways, neglecting any digital adoption plan, find themselves unable to scale, grow, and sustain themselves.

Success Stories

Samir Olleik

Business owner at Olleik food

Our CDAP Digital Advisor was Sarjun. I'm pleased to recommend him. Thanks to Sarjun's expertise and efficiency, our business's digital transformation progressed smoothly. He helped us identify the proper technology by creating a comprehensive plan based on our needs and business goals. Sarjun's Digital Maturity Assessment helped us make informed, strategic decisions by providing helpful information and showing us where we could grow. He also demonstrated a solid understanding of our vision, mission, and core values in his business story. I highly recommend Sarjun because of his great advising skills in the area of digital use, his strategic mind, and his commitment to driving transformational change.

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Mohamed Alwani

Renfrew Shawarma Restaurant

Just wanted to drop a quick message to say thanks for being an awesome business advisor. Your professionalism and friendly vibe made the whole experience really smooth. With your help, I got that business loan sorted out, and I appreciate how responsive your team was. Will definitely be spreading the word about your work to others who could use some top-notch business advice!

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Iskandar Alex Nasrallah

Accountant at Lekadir LLP | Treasurer | Advisory Board Member

Was able to obtain my CDAP loan within a few weeks. He was professional and detailed with his report. My business has increased since implementing the plan he made me. HIGHLY recommend his services on digital advisory and web design.

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Tarig Abdellatief

Government Grants & Contracts Consultant and Lobbyist

I can confidently say that Sarjun is one of the most competent and knowledgeable digital transformation experts I have met to date. Sarjun has provided our organization with crucial insights when rolling out our CDAP services and digital project consulting services. Not to mention his 100% success track record when it comes to financing our clients with respect to their digital projects. Highly recommend working with Sarjun and his company.

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charbel Bouroufail

CEO at CFT Recycling

Great guy, great service promised and delivered. Highly recommeneded

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Delta Accounting Group


Exceptionally professional and ethical. Looked forward to each and every meeting I had with Sarjun, learned so much about my own business. Gained a-lot of knowledge about the impacts of digitalization. Would definitely recommend!

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Alina Krekhovets

HR tech consultant

Sarjun is a very impressive leader and communicator. He is always keen on new trends technologies and tools and is full of new ways and ideas on how to help his clients and employees. Sarjun is easy to work with, very professional, organized, and open-minded as a person. He is a genuine fan of Agile, Digital transformations, and Tech, which gives him a great competitive advantage in servicing his clients. I'd strongly recommend him to any clients and especially employees.

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Elie Nesrallah

Sales Representative at Re/Max Core Realty Inc

Sarjun Gharib and his wonderful team at Knowledge Based Consulting helped me build and maintain my full digital presence. This included creating my own brand identity & guidelines and a fully customized website with SEO optimization. Working with Sarjun and his team added value because they analyzed and properly planned my product with several different types of expertise from their design table. They used methods to do needs analysis assessments and made products based on the needs they found that fit the current market. Working with a digital transformation consulting team helped me build an online business that runs like a well-oiled machine and will my business make its transition to digital. I'm thrilled to keep working with KBC to improve my digital footprint and make my current systems easier for communication between my clients and my team. Would highly recommend KBC if you and your company want to transition to digital.

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Mikael França

Webflow Expert | UX Designer @ Tangível

Sarjun is an inspiring leader and an excellent communicator. He has a drive to achieve excellent results and an excellent ability to guide a team to overcome difficulties.He is a great professional and a great friend to his teammates.His skills with digital transformation, agile methodologies, and following technological trends make him stand out as a professional out of the curve.

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Keshav Sharma

Digital Analytics & Marketing Optimization at Plogg Solutions

I worked with Sarjun, and was blown away by their digital transformation and technology solutions knowledge. This leader inspires change and innovation in every initiative. Their dedication to the Canada Digital Adoption Program has yielded many successes, proving their awareness of the Canadian market's demands and challenges. Sarjun also brings a lot of knowledge and experience to worldwide clients, producing top-notch solutions. This person excels in creative problem-solving and project management. I highly suggest Sarjun for driving digital transformation and using technology for company success. They are an asset to any team due to their infectious enthusiasm for technology and excellence.

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Paul Dion

Realtor in Ottawa

Sarjun and his team helped me transform my business and helped me go digital! I learned about technology by working with the experts in his team. I highly recommended KBC to solve any business digital problems you may come across! A+++++++

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Parisa Mazarei

Senior Account Executive at Gemtech

I've had the pleasure of working with Sarjun both personally and professionally on two different occasions. Throughout our conversations, I was impressed by how kind and patient he was. Sarjun's knowledge of digital technology was very helpful to me and helped me improve the digital capabilities of my business. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarjun to anyone seeking to enhance their business, and I continue to rely on his services to this day.

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Certified Digital Adoption Specialists

Certified Digital Advisors

We can help you


Automating repetitive tasks leaves more time for cognitive and tech work. Implementing cloud workspaces and infrastructure empowers employees to work remotely, collaborate as a team, and connect easily with clients.


Building digital assets like websites, e-commerce platforms, and applications increases your brand awareness and attracts customers, allowing for better marketing solutions and multiple revenue streams.


Automating operations and systems reduces costs and keeps your focus on revenue-generating activities.


step 1


First, our certified digital advisors help create a comprehensive, actionable plan to support your digital transformation journey.

OCI submission
step 2

Submit it

Next, we make sure you register with the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI), and submit your plan for approval.

OCI submission
step 3

Apply for grants

Once approved, you're ready to
benefit from $15,000 DMAP grant and to apply for your TDP grant up to $150,000 to cover 50% of your digital solution implementation costs.


What is the primary aim of the Digitalization Competence Centre (DCC)?

The DCC, backed by a $10 million investment from Ontario, aims to promote digital literacy and training, helping small companies grow to medium size. It is sector-agnostic and supports the commercialization of technology within the province.

How does the Digital Modernization Adoption Plan (DMAP) benefit businesses?

DMAP aids businesses by offering up to $15k for employing a DAP consultant to draft a DAP plan. The consultant gives unbiased advice, and the project will reimburse the consultant fees for assessing three solutions.

Who is eligible for the Technology Demonstration Program (TDP)?

Companies that have successfully completed DMAP, have at least $500k in revenue in one of the last three years, and fall within the other stated eligibility criteria can apply for the TDP to secure a grant up to $150k.

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