General Auto Parts


Ali Korri, General Manager bei A&K Autoteile GmbH


12 years of experience in automative and spare parts Markets: Africa


Abidjan, West Africa Ivory Coast

the opportunity

GAP - General Auto Parts is a full line Automotive Warehouse Distributor who sells to both retail and wholesale customers. Their extensive inventory coupled with personal customer service has helped them to become a leader in auto parts distribution.

Ali Korri, owner of GAP, asked our team of consultants to help revitalize his business with complete Digital Transformation Services.

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what we did

KBC provided the client with an online presence to start attracting clients overseas to work with them.

Starting from the analysis of the current state and developing a transformation roadmap to restructuring and creating a full fledge website.

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the outcome

1. Digital agile project management system to track project that previously were not tracked

2. Full digital presence (website, social media) that drives traffic and new leads

3. Reduced the cost per 1 lead due to creation of branding and SEO strategy

4. Reduced the amount of paper used in business operation to 1%

5. Reduced digital divide

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