Boustany Consultancy


Bouchra Boustani, founder at BB consultancy


18 years of experience in Luxury, Fashion and Beauty Markets: GCC, Levant and Paris


Paris, France

Riyadh - Jeddah, KSA

Dubai, United Arab of Emirates

the opportunity

To have a presence in the MENA region,

Create a full Brand Identity tailored to Boustany Consultancy

Create a website by showcasing her vision, services and case studies of her high-end clients.

Create an advanced form to able to filter serious prospects.

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what we did

Complete digital presence creation from scratch. KBC provided the client with a complete digital presence including personal branding and SEO optimization 

Starting from the analysis of the current state and developing a strategy to restructuring and creating a full-fledged digital presence.

The Transformation Roadmap included the following steps:

Analysis of “as-is” State & Definition of Goals / Brand definition and Identity Development / UX Strategy / Product Design / Web Development / SEO Strategy and Optimization

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the outcome

1. Identity Creation

2. Full digital presence (website, social media) that brings in traffic and new leads

3. Brand exposure, and is kept separate from the employer company brand.

4. Making a digital identity that can be shown to possible clients

5. A great base for online business

6. Help with planning and implementing content

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