For the month of November,  news  across different  digital  domains brings a wave of innovations and  updates

The latest digital news highlighted updates and policy changes from big tech firms. Google debuted advertising and AI tools. Instagram grew creator features while LinkedIn hit one billion users with upgraded career AI. Meta instituted political ad transparency rules. Throughout, companies explored leveraging progress to augment rather than replace human capabilities with technology.

Instagram Adds New Ways To Create Content

Instagram has launched numerous creative tools to empower content creators. New additions include undo/redo functions for more flexible video editing. A dedicated media clip hub facilitates meme creation with audio integration in Reels. Enhanced text-to-speech and fonts allow for richer expression. Users can now transform photo segments into custom stickers. Instagram is testing improved scaling, cropping and rotating of individual clips in Reels along with more audio choices. Additional text voices and fonts continue supporting creativity. With new filters, editing features and analytics, Instagram aims to seamlessly empower narrative crafting and sharing.

Google Downplays AI Threat To Human Content Creation

Google is pushing AI's boundaries with breakthroughs unveiled at I/O. The conference showcased astonishing advances transforming lives and work, including an upgraded natural conversation assistant. Most exciting is AI's creativity-unlocking potential. By automating mundane tasks, AI frees up humanity's greatest resource - ingenuity. Imagine AI assisting with first drafts or sparking new perspectives to elevate projects. Rather than replacement, Google builds AI to augment humans through partnership. Emerging technologies bring endless opportunities for those embracing intelligence as imagination's partner in future careers and industries.

Google Maps Introduces New Ways To Plan Travel & Navigate

Google's I/O highlighted how AI can significantly augment human potential. An upgraded version of Claude, their natural conversation assistant, was unveiled. More importantly, tools like Claude empower creativity by automating mundane tasks and allowing people to focus on actualizing ideas. AI could write first drafts or spark new perspectives to elevate projects. Rather than replacement, Google is building AI to amplify humans through partnership. As these technologies emerge, opportunities abound to embrace intelligence as amplifying imagination. The future remains promising for envisioning jobs and industries with intelligence augmenting, not replacing, human creativity.

Meta Sets New Transparency Standards For Political Ads

To curb online misinformation, Meta is strengthening policies for manipulated media in political and social issue ads. Beginning next year, all Facebook and Instagram advertisers must openly disclose any digital alterations made to multimedia content used in ads. This includes manipulated videos, images or depictions of nonexistent events/people. By mandating transparency, Meta intends to enable users to identify artificial or modified advertising materials. The changes aim to deter information manipulation for political purposes and help rebuild trust in online content. They underscore upholding accurate, ethical advertising standards as civic debates increasingly move digital.

Google Performance Max Evolves With New “Search Themes” Feature

Google has introduced Search Themes, a new beta feature for Performance Max campaigns. It allows advertisers to provide up to 25 categories or topics relevant to their business to supplement the automated system. Search Themes helps guide the AI when analyzing complex or new information. Advertisers can fine-tune their campaigns and reach related search queries by capturing untapped traffic. This provides control while leveraging Google's automation. The rollout indicates Google's commitment to advancing their tools with user input, aimed at helping advertisers maximize campaign performance.

Leading the digital transformation of businesses with KBC expertise, Sarjun Gharib gets a 5-star rating at DMG

Sarjun Gharib, an industry-leading Digital Adoption Specialist, Certified Digtal Advisor on Marketplace, and CEO of Knowledge Based Consulting (KBC), has been recognized as the top-rated advisor on the Digital Maturity Group (DMG) platform, with a perfect 5/5 rating from 12 reviews. His practical and impactful digital transformation strategies have significantly improved the digital capabilities of small and mid-sized businesses. Sarjun's leadership in the digital domain and his pivotal role in the expansion of KBC are both attributable to his savvy and operative methodology towards digital innovation. Demonstrating his profound influence in both the industry and among our team members, his forward-thinking leadership consistently reinforces KBC's standing as a leader in digital advisory.

Knowledge Based Consulting Named Among Top Canadian Digital Marketing Agencies by DesignRush

We’re proud to announce that DesignRush, a leading B2B marketplace, has recognized Knowledge Based Consulting as one of Canada’s top digital marketing agencies. This prestigious accolade highlights our commitment to innovative marketing solutions and excellence in serving our clients. Celebrate this achievement with us and learn more about our recognition here.

This achievement is not only a source of pride for Knowledge Based Consulting but also a reassurance for clients and partners that they are collaborating with a digital business design agency that is recognized for its excellence and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

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