For the month of January,  news  across different  digital  domains brings a wave of innovations and  updates

This month witnessed several important developments in search and social media. Microsoft unveiled new AI-powered retail tools, and reports showed TikTok gaining traction as a search platform among Gen Z users. Google strengthened its email authentication policies and partnered with Microsoft to enhance in-store shopping experiences using personalized AI recommendations. Additionally, Google's termination of its contract with Appen for quality raters and new reports demonstrating younger users turning to TikTok and ChatGPT for information were both featured

Google Ends Contract with Evaluation Company Appen

Google has notified global research company Appen that their contract providing search evaluators and quality raters will conclude on March 19, 2024. Appen disclosed the cancelation which made up 26% of its revenue and will significantly impact the company. It remains unclear how Google will operate its search quality rating programs going forward.

TikTok Emerges as Top Search Platform for Gen Z

A new study shows TikTok has become a commonly used search engine, especially among younger users. Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z and half of millennials regularly turn to TikTok to find information on various topics. Businesses are adjusting strategies to engage this demographic by actively promoting on TikTok through influencer campaigns, tutorials and other branded video content.

Microsoft Advances Retail with New AI-Powered Tools

Microsoft has released updates to its retail technology platform with a focus on AI-driven personalization and productivity. New templates allow personalized shopping experiences through generative models. Retail employees can also gain faster insights through natural language AI assistants. Microsoft aims to unite retail data and provide analytics templates to help operators enhance customer relationships and performance.

Google Strengthening Email Authentication Rules in February

Google will enforce tighter standards for businesses sending large volumes of email through Gmail starting next month. Senders of over 5,000 emails per day must authenticate messages using protocols like DKIM and SPF. Additionally, high-volume emails will need an easy unsubscribe option to allow recipients to opt out with one click. Marketers are advised to ensure they follow the new guidelines to avoid email delivery issues.

Google Debuts Enhanced AI Features for Samsung Galaxy S24 Phones

Google is introducing new AI-powered capabilities for Samsung's recently launched Galaxy S24 lineup. The smartphones will utilize Google's advanced Generative Transformer 3 (GT3) models to boost productivity apps and enable helpful search functions. Users will be able to circle or highlight items on screen to instantly search within apps and receive AI summaries. Additionally, messaging apps will gain personalized styling and custom emoji suggestions using generative models.

Google Releases Chrome Update with Powerful AI Personalization Tools

Google has launched a new AI-powered update for Chrome that enhances browsing with more personalized features. The update allows users to create custom themes using AI by selecting subject matter, mood and colors. It also introduces smart tab management that automatically groups similar tabs for easier organization. Additional upcoming features will offer writing assistance within text boxes on websites. The update demonstrates Google's continued focus on integrating advanced AI technologies into its products.

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