What Exactly is a Digital Maturity Assessment?

Digital culture measures how much the company cares about its customers, how innovative it is, how well it works with others, how transparent it is, and how decentralized it is. Digital technology intensity measures how much the company uses digital technologies to run its business.

In fact, it is one of the initial steps in your digital transformation journey. An evaluation can provide insight into your organization's digital business maturity. The results will indicate which direction to take. Also, digital maturity assessment is a way to talk about how your organization is changing and how you hope to make it better over time.

How does the digital maturity assessment work?

A Digital Maturity Assessment offers a comprehensive Digital Strategy for small and medium-sized business executives. Our team at Knowledge Based Consulting are certified Digital Transformation Specialists.

We offer a unique digital acceleration approach that lets companies do a digital capability assessment and compare their digital performance to that of their competitors. Digital Maturity Assessment provides a rapid method for developing a comprehensive Digital Transformation (Dx) plan. 

A Digital Maturity Assessment consists of the following steps:

01- Orientation
During the orientation process, our team will put together preliminary scores for your company and goals, as well as an overview of the overall evaluation.

02- Assessment
The assessment process covers the 7 essentials of a Digital Maturity Assessment:

  • Digital maturity assessment objectives
  • Envision of industry in last 10 years
  • Conversation with the right people and collect evidence
  • Share digital knowledge through workshops or webinars.
  • External support to mitigate internal politics
  • Rinse and repeat your digital maturity assessments
  • Communicate results in a way your employees understand

03 - Interviews
Conduct interviews and develop a plan of action based on priorities, capabilities, and available resources.

04 - Analysis
Generate segmentation data and complete the project's mission statement, timeline, and strategic execution plan.

05 - Action Plan
The last step is to put together all of the observations and theories and finish the Digital Solution Adoption Action Plan.

Our Team is pleased to support the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), which assists small and medium-sized businesses with strategic planning and adoption of digital technologies to increase their competitiveness. Click here to learn more!

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