A Successful Project with Digital Solution Adoption Project Plan

Choosing the right technology or digitizing a business requires a Digital Solution Project Plan.

Who can create a Digital Solution Adoption Project Plan?

The creation of a Digital Solution Plan required a number of years of experience in the field of digital technology and updated technology information. A digital solution consultant or a digital transformation consultant is the best fit to create a digital solution strategy for a business. It is always recommended to hire an experienced digital transformation consultant.

What are the components of a great Digital Solution Adoption Project Plan?

The Digital Solution Project Plan is divided into three components; Project Vision, Timelines, and Execution.

Project Vision Statement

A project vision statement is a declaration of what a company wants to achieve or what the company's goals are, and it helps to align the team and scope the deliverables for success.

  1. Project Vision Statement
  2. Project Timeline Plan
  3. Project Execution Plan

Project Timeline Plan

The project timeline plan covers the budgeting and sourcing of the project. A project timeline plan breaks down the executables into milestones, steps, and the accountable individuals involved to execute the project.

Project timelines give project managers an opportunity to:

  • Organize their tasks
  • Show when in the project the tasks start
  • View task deadlines
  • Link dependent tasks
  • Break the project into phases
  • Identify team members assigned to a task

Project Execution Plan

The project Execution Plan manages the risks, hot-spots, accountable individuals, measurements, priorities, and the needed resources to set a project for success.

Our Team is pleased to support the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), which assists small and medium-sized businesses with strategic planning and adoption of digital technologies to increase their competitiveness. Click here to learn more!

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